High throughput transcriptomics.
Made simple, with MERCURIUS

MERCURIUS is based on an improved BRB-seq library preparation protocol, which makes it possible to perform RNA-seq on a large number of samples in a fast, robust and cost-effective way.

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MERCURIUS service and kits

MERCURIUS BRB-seq service

Send us your tissue, cells or RNA samples and let us perform RNA-seq for you. Thanks to MERCURIUS, we will be able to process your samples at a fraction of the cost of other service providers.

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Try out our kits and experience in first person the convenience of MERCURIUS. Each kit can be used to perform MERCURIUS on 96 samples.

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"The MERCURIUS BRB-seq service was a great way for us to multiplex large numbers of RNA samples for sequencing. We wanted a gene expression curve with a tight temporal resolution, thus, many time points for several conditions. We are very happy with the quality of the results and with the cost benefit.”

"The MERCURIUS BRB-seq service is very cost-effective and it enables accurate comparison of RNA levels among a large number of samples."

"The MERCURIUS BRB-seq service allowed us to plan an experiment with ten times more replicates than usual, and gain insight into the variability and control of gene expression in fly embryogenesis"

"The MERCURIUS BRB-seq service provided us with a cost-effective way to quantify transcriptomic changes from a large set of samples."

Dr. Nuno Miguel Luis, CNRS Researcher

Dr. Hirokazu Okada, ETH Zurich

Prof. Dr. Marc Robinson-Rechavi, University of Lausanne

Prof. Dr. Martin Klingenspor, TUM Munich

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The team

Riccardo Dainese, PhD


Daniel Alpern, PhD


Prof. Bart Deplancke

Scientific advisor and co-founder

Pipetting Samples

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