High throughput transcriptomics.
Made simple, with BRB-seq.


The BRB-seq library preparation protocol makes it possible for the first time

to perform RNA-seq on a large number of RNA or blood samples in a fast, robust and cost-effective way.


Discover the MERCURIUS BRB-seq kits


96, 384 or up-to 1536 RNA samples in one-tube.

Try out our kits and experience in first person the convenience of BRB-seq.

With our kits, 96, 384 and up-to 1536 RNA samples can be pooled and processed in one tube, which drastically increases cost-efficiency and throughput.

MERCURIUS Blood BRB-seq kit
The throughput of BRB-seq with integrated globin depletion.

The Blood BRB-seq kits are a solution dedicated to the analysis of blood samples.

With them, all the benefits of standard BRB-seq, such as throughput and cost-efficiency, are combined with an integrated globin depletion strategy.

Lab Experiment

They chose BRB-seq

"BRB-seq was a great way for us to multiplex large numbers of RNA samples for sequencing. We wanted a gene expression curve with a tight temporal resolution, thus, many time points for several conditions. We are very happy with the quality of the results and with the cost benefit.”

"BRB-seq is very cost-effective and it enables accurate comparison of RNA levels among a large number of samples."

"BRB-seq allowed us to plan an experiment with ten times more replicates than usual, and gain insight into the variability and control of gene expression in fly embryogenesis"

"BRB-seq provided us with a cost-effective way to quantify transcriptomic changes from a large set of samples."

Dr. Nuno Miguel Luis, CNRS Researcher

Dr. Hirokazu Okada, ETH Zurich

Prof. Dr. Marc Robinson-Rechavi, University of Lausanne

Prof. Dr. Martin Klingenspor, TUM Munich

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The team


Riccardo Dainese, PhD
Co-founder and CEO


Daniel Alpern, PhD
Co-founder an CTO


Prof. Bart Deplancke

Scientific advisor and co-founder

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