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Blood BRB-seq service

Fast, cost-efficient, ideal for projects of all sizes.
High Throughput PAXgene® Blood tube RNA extraction available.

The Blood BRB-seq service offers a one-stop solution for your blood transriptomics projects.

Our standard service begins when a client sends us purified Blood RNA samples or PAXgene® Blood RNA tubes, which are thoroughly QC'ed before launching the BRB-seq library preparation.

By leveraging the advantages of the Blood BRB-seq technology, such as cost-efficiency, high-

throughput and integrated globin depletion, we are able to offer the most competitive prices and turnaround times on the market.


As a result of our service, our clients receive raw sequencing data (fastq files), gene count matrices and analysis reports files. 


Optional items such as RNA extraction and downstream differential gene expression analysis are also available upon request.

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Bulk RNA sequencing at scale

More samples, more replicates. Robust results, significant discoveries.

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Reduced sequencing costs

Genome-wide digital gene expression profiling  from as low as 4M reads per sample. 

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Ideal for projects of all sizes

You can trust us. We have ran projects from as low as 6 samples up to as much as 9,000.

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Fast turnaround times

From samples to data in as fast as 1,5 month.

Workflow: from samples to genome-wide gene counts in 6 weeks



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