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Cell Lysate BRB-seq service

Designed for large-scale screening projects. 
No-need for prior RNA isolation.

The Cell Lysate BRB-seq service offers the most comprehensive, high-throughput and cost-efficient solution for gene expression analysis projects starting from 2D cell cultures or organoids.

As part of the Cell Lysate service, we send our clients a proprietary Lysis Buffer which is optimized for both cell lysis and downstream enzymatic reactions, without having to perform RNA extraction in between. 

After mixing the Lysis Buffer with their cells, the client can send back to us their cell lysates, which are then ready to be processed in the

BRB-seq workflow.

By leveraging on the advantages the Cell Lysate BRB-seq system, such as cost-efficiency and high-throughput, we are able to offer the most competitive price and turnaround time on the market.


As a result of our service, our clients receive raw sequencing data (fastq files), gene count matrices and analysis reports files. 


Optional downstream differential gene expression analysis are also available upon request.

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Bulk RNA sequencing at scale

More samples, more replicates. Robust results, significant discoveries.

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Reduced sequencing costs

Genome-wide digital gene expression profiling  from as low as 4M reads per sample. 

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Ideal for large screening projects

The extraction-free workflow makes BRB-seq-based screening compatible and feasible on thousands of compounds.

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Fast turnaround times

From samples to data in as fast as 1.5 months.


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