Blood BRB-seq kit

Up-to 96 Blood RNA-seq experiments in one tube, with integrated globin depletion.

The MERCURIUS™ Blood BRB-seq kits contain all the oligos and enzymes needed to go from purified blood RNA to sequencing-ready DNA libraries.

The generated 3' mRNA-seq data is ideally suited for differential gene expression analysis.


As compared to other bulk 3' mRNA-seq solutions, BRB-seq makes it possible to process virtually any number of blood RNA samples in one single tube, which helps reduce technical variation, turnaround times and costs. 


The particular aspect of the Blood BRB-seq

workflow is the addition of proprietary globin blockers directly at the reverse transcription stage, which in turns enable efficient and effortless depletion of unwanted globin genes.

Each kit contains enough reagents (including Unique Dual Indexing oligos) to prepare up-to three sequencing libraries.

After sequencing, the generated data can be easily demultiplexed and aligned to the genome of choice using our dedicated cloud-based pipeline, which does not require prior bioinformatic experience.

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Bulk RNA sequencing at scale

More samples, more replicates. Robust results, significant discoveries.

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Streamlined data analysis

Demultiplex and analyse BRB-seq data with our easy-to-use cloud-based pipeline.

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Integrated globin depletion

Globin depletion is seamlessly integrated to the BRB-seq workflow. No need to purchase additional kits for globin depletion. 

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One-day lab workflow

From sample to sequencing-ready library in one day and proven compatibility with automated solutions.

The workflow


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